At CPS GS, arts are a fundamental part of the curriculum. Through art education the school provides venues for our students to channelize their creative energy to thrive and explore their passion in both performing and visual arts. The art department conscientiously works with students to instil a lifelong commitment to the creative arts and the world of imagination. Thus we wrap up opportunities for developing individual talents and work towards a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for all the arts and develop the aptitude to communicate proficiently in one art form at least.

Performing Arts:

At CPS GS, theatre, dance & music are considered the most essential ingredients for developing deep appreciation for expressing creative art forms. We offer a wide variety of options so students may pursue their musical interests. The school has state-of-the-art 400+ seating capacity “Symphony Hall” for performing arts & music suites to explore all aspects of stage craft, on stage and off. Students experience a wide range of activities that are rooted in the curriculum, with opportunities that include mini-concerts, recitals, talent shows, choral music and instrumental shows. The school also prepares students for “Young Performers” certification by Trinity College of London - Musical Theatre and performing arts.

Visual arts:

For those who are willing to explore to take up challenges, art is an adventure. CPS GS fosters art education to develop basic skills that lead our students to move forward confidently towards the freedom to create their own works. Visual Arts program is led by qualified and able instructors using research-based instructional techniques and strategies. “Da Vinci” Art studios at CPS GS is aesthetically designed for students to set up art exhibitions and photo galleries that reflect the practical skills for depiction from life. Very often, workshops such as photography and pottery are organized to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the visual arts as a valuable and expressive fine art.