Fee Details

CPS GS fee structure is set by the Fee council of CPS Schools Group and reviewed annually. Any change in CPS GS fee structure will be notified to all parents/guardians before 31st December of the previous academic year.

The school fee can be paid in single or two partial payments. The first payment must be made before the academic year commences/at the time of joining the school. The second payment should be made by 30th November of every academic year. All fees are payable by cheque or in Indian Rupees (INR). Contact the respective school office to know about the fee details.

In case of late payment, a penalty of INR 500/- per day will be levied, upto ten days from the last date specified for fee payment. Parents/Guardians should ensure that the fee is paid before the due date, failing which, students will not be guaranteed a place and may be placed on wait list. Non-payment on time will also render the name of the student being removed from the rolls. In such cases - the student may have to be re-admitted by paying the admission fee once again. Student leaving in the middle of the academic year is liable to pay the fee for the whole year.

For wire transfer payments, please ensure the student name and grade is referenced on your remittance to enable us to credit the student’s account accordingly. Kindly email your bank confirmation advice to info@cpsglobalschool.com. All bank charges are to be borne by the remitter. Please use the following bank details for wire transfer:

Beneficiary Account Number: 04937620000023

Beneficiary Account Name: CPS GLOBAL SCHOOL, CHENNAI

Beneficiary Bank details: HDFC BANK

Swift Code: HDFCINBB

IFSC Code: HDFC0000493

Remittance Currency: INR only