Educational Tours

No knowledge of the world at large is complete without actually travelling, observing and experiencing the diversity of people, places and culture. To widen the horizons of learning among our students, international educational tours and student exchange programs are organized at CPS GS. They get to interact with students abroad, understand their curriculum, learning styles, teaching methodologies, varied culture and values, political ethos, architecture and indeed get valuable insights on lifestyles abroad. The best part of these trips is the experience that students get as they learn to live together, be independent and responsible, adjust with each other and develop these powers of human relations.

Exchange programs at CPS GS facilitate cross cultural learning experiences and consciously encourage students to develop academically, socially and spiritually. Through this program, students gain an unique opportunity to engross themselves studying, living and learning in a new and a different environment from what they have experienced before.

The professionally organized age appropriate trips offer the best places of educational value, historical and industrial interests, national monuments, heritage spots and entertainment zones for a new learning ambiance under the direction of responsible faculty members. This exposure render students the chance for informal learning environment, gain new perspectives, build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environment and enjoy a day away from the classroom.

Certificate course at the NASA space centre - in the United States, Department of Education and Communities (NSW), Government of Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia trips in the recent years fired the young mind’s imagination as they were exposed to international standards of culture, work and living. Thus natural dynamic environment provides a learning venue that matches the natural inclination of the learner to know more about things and also engages even those with short attention spans and puts the learning subject in context.