Yoga – The Art and Science of Living

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Since its inception in 2015, June 21 st is celebrated as International Yoga Day all over the world .
The idea proposed by the honorable Prime Minister of India and endorsed by the United Nations
has catapulted yoga onto the global stage. It is in this spirit that CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai organized a virtual yoga session for faculty and students to commemorate the day
with Mr. Ramesh, Asst. Prof. (Yoga), SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani,
Chennai, as the guest and resource person. The assembly was hosted by the young and talented
students of CAIE 8. The session was given the right impetus by the Head of School, who gave a
brief purview on the benefits of yoga in daily life. Then the session was taken forward by Mr.
Ramesh who gave a wonderful insight into the inception of yoga, an ancient Indian discipline,
existing in many forms today which we term as modern yoga. We live in a fast-paced life and
everything that shapes our lifestyle comes from a place of convenience and it is a herculean task
to monitor our dietary intake, exercise, our mental and physical well being. It is at this juncture
that Yoga and Meditation play a vital role in accentuating positive thoughts and actions.
Furthermore, he elaborated on the different types of yoga and also the right ways to practise
Yoga, the center-aligning of the mind and body, helps increase one’s self-awareness, removes
toxins from the body, and the most important aspect- helps in improving attention and focus
which are vital for children who are forced to stay indoors in this current scenario. A healthy
lifestyle and a life without stress and anxiety is what yoga steers one towards and it is with this
vision and theme for 2021, “Yoga for Well-being”, that all congregated to experience the
oneness between the body and the mind.
Aptly said by Adil Palkiwala, “True Yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of
your life; it is not to be performed, it is to be lived.”

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