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What lies beyond – ELP 3B

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Children are naturally curious about the world around them, but demands on their time increase with age, it can be easy to compartmentalise ‘learning’ as something that happens at school. Active minds, just as active bodies, need constant feeding and children need opportunities and curiosity to develop their appetite for learning. A lifelong quest for learning is essential to remain competitive and adaptive.
The best academic programme delves into experiences taking children beyond conventional learning methodologies. Home learning need not necessarily be sitting down to read for a test or finishing off assigned tasks.
When asked to interact, research and explore children show greater retention of information.
“Pick a continent you have learnt tell us why you would love to visit that place “was an extended home learning.
Though some of them had not even travelled to some of these countries, the experiences they had at class through conversations and connections were enough to provide knowledge for expanding their horizons!

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