“What humans do over the next 50 years will determine the fate of all life on the planet” -David Atteborough

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2021, a year of challenges and change was also filled with opportunities that was seldom
noticed before the pandemic or are the result of an enhanced trend that found its inception
during the pandemic. Despite the chaos and calamity, humans learnt a great deal in not just
combating the virus but also in accomplishing tasks with minimum resources. Nevertheless,
it is needless to say that the world is currently not the best version of itself. The blame,
however, is on us. Right from the pandemic’s unstable growth and the invasion of a new
variant, to the reopening of schools, everything has been unexpected.

Although, one
particular event right around the end of the year, has definitely promised a better future to
our growing young minds and it was organized by Jamnabai Narsee International School
and widely popularized as the 1 st Ecotopia Summit, “H.O.P.E. 2021- Heal Our Planet Earth”
that took place on the 18 th of December, 2021. The idea was to compere the dialogue
between schools and individuals from around the world in return for an exchange of ideas
to encourage the concept of green schools in order to achieve sustainable development in
all walks of life and what better way to start than to have the young minds discuss the
concept under eight different categories.

The list of categories includes Pictures for
progress; Zany Zines corner; Essays; Sustainable innovations; Rhythm n’ Rhymes; Eco Trivia
and A call for lesson plan. The students form CAIE 6 to IBDP Year 1 of CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai, Chennai participated in the Pictures for progress that showcased the
journalistic skills of the students in capturing and reporting the ecologically disheartening
moments by a camera; Zany Zines corner that brought out the artistic skills by giving them
an opportunity to convey eco-sensitive issues through sketching them on canvas and paper;
Essays that provided them a chance to deliver their outlook about nature and the concern
towards nurturing them through flowery words and strong statements and Sustainable
innovations laid the track for the young minds to remain creative and practical to propose
their solutions to clean up the pollution laden world through a presentation.

submissions were adjudicated by the juries of the event and the finalists were called for the
final judging session. The CPS Global School students were delighted during the
announcement of the results as the school not just received a special mention for the enthusiastic participation but also received three awards as Ramsha Fatima Alam of IGCSE
Year 2 and Aditya Mukherjee bagged the first place and third place respectively for their
essays whereas the project proposal by Sowmiya Anbarasan of IGCSE year 2 clinched the
second place in the sustainable innovations category.

The title winner, Ramsha exclaimed that she was fortunate to have participated in the event
that steadily focused on helping students brainstorm ideas based on current existing
research that provided them with a wider understanding of the environment. She also
added that in spite of years and decades of trial and error on the best possible way to make
the environment sustainable, the environment is yet to come face-to-face with the best
solution and she remained upbeat about the idea of sensitizing the school students on
ecological issues through events like this.

Sahana S of IGCSE year 2 who participated in the
essays category recorded a word of appreciation for the organizers for addressing the major
issues that disturb the balance of the environment through diverse topics which was well-
received to over 550 students in 65 schools, across 15 countries in 4 continents. CPS Global
School is honoured to have such brave minds participating in this grand event. We are
proud of all the students who participated and added on to the innovative and well-thought
ideas to create a sustainable future in a sustainable environment.

Overall, the event helped the students look into the best possible ways to overcome the
environmental crisis that the world is facing. The ECOTOPIA summit indeed proved to be
beneficial to all the students, teachers and the audience. The event left behind a hint of
hope, for a better future, for a better earth.

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