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Walls of wisdom – ELP 3A

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A dynamic and constantly changing reality requires adaptation and change in educational approaches: the student is no longer to be seen as a passive receptacle for knowledge, but as an active participant in its construction.. There is only one way for this to happen that is to create a hub so fertile, so enriching, so invigorating that a natural absorptive learning is set in class.

What does having a stimulated classroom environment mean? Does it mean the way a classroom is set up, the way students interact with their work and one another, or does it mean the way teachers deliver daily lessons? A stimulated classroom environment is a combination of all of these things; it refers to the way students’ minds are stimulated while in their learning environment.

A word wall, a preposition flower, diphthong rainbows on clouds, a noun and verb note book on a wall, blends buntings and a math tree added salt to the learning!

We don’t need to say more.  Our Pictures are worth  more than a thousand words.






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