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Viva le chocolat @ CPSGS ANN

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All across the world, from kids to adults, we all love chocolate and an ode to its delectability is the celebration of Chocolate Day! What better way to start this day with a chocolate doused morning!

Just like every event we celebrate at CPS GS, we celebrated this day with fervour. Children made some chocolate delicacies in class using simple ingredients like chocolate, biscuits and milk! Mix it all together and you have a rocky road chocolate ball! They squealed with delight as they crushed the biscuits and mixed the chocolate unable to resist licking their tiny fingers!

No matter how much we all love to eat chocolate, good oral hygiene should be followed after eating chocolates and sweets. A little bit of awareness for the little minds was created through proper brushing techniques and an experiment to demonstrate what happens when we don’t brush our teeth the right way! Excitement pursued as they brushed their teeth in class moving their brushes up and down, round and round!

Brush, brush, brush your teeth, till they’re white and squeaky clean!

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