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The virtual celebration summed up the essence of Dussehra- The triumph of good over evil. Yes! The CPS Global Thirumazhisai family proved yet again that everything is possible for a willing heart and a determined mind. From Kalighat to Mylapore, from the blowing of the conch to the neat display of dolls in a Golu, every aspect of the festival was presented with just as much fervour and contagious enthusiasm as the physical festivities. Vadhanaa of IGYR 2 and Kailash of IBDP 2 were the two genial hosts for the day. The virtual jamboree was graced by three special guests, each excelling in their chosen fields- Ms. Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath, an acclaimed Carnatic musician, avid traveller, photographer, and painter, Mr. Bala Nayagam, a veteran yoga instructor and Mr. Sujith Rajan, an eminent dancer, a globe trotter, with many accolades to his credit for his mind-blowing performances.

The event started on an auspicious note with an enthralling rendition by Ms. Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath who is the recipient of “Outstanding Lady Vocalist” Award from the Madras Music Academy. The audience were roused from the reverie of her beautiful voice to Mr Bala Nayagam’s explanation of energy changes during Navratri and the many benefits of yoga. He demonstrated the Pranayama-the highly beneficial practice of breath control in yoga.

The stage was now set for our student stalwarts to perform! Manassa of CAIE7 mesmerized the audience with her classical dance performance. Close on the heels were the tiny tots of ELP who performed the Dandiya and recited Navratri slokas with much poise and finesse. Ms. Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath explained the significance of the festival and narrated the story of the slaying of the demon king Mahishasura by Maa Durga. Next up was the exquisite singing of Shreya of IGYR 2 who rendered a soulful Varnam to the enamoured attendees. This was followed by Sujith Saravanan of IGYR2 who strummed his guitar to the timeless piece – ‘Hotel California’.

Mr Sujith Rajan set the pace and mood for the festival with his fiery performance of the Garba, the traditional dance of Gujarat and had the entire audience dancing to the music, literally from their homes! We had a virtual walk the talk tour, where Manassa of CAIE7, Vedhanth of CAIE2 and Madhushree of CAIE2 took us through their captivating Golu displayed in their homes. Ensuing this was a riveting presentation on Dussehra across the various states of India.

A lively tête-à-tête with the special guests gave an insight about how they chose to follow their passion, the hardships they faced and finally the happiness of living their dream. The curtain was drawn on the celebration with our HOS Ms Jayu Ganesh explaining the nine mantras on positivity, purifying the soul, forgoing our ego, the importance of forgiveness, the ability to love not only others but also ourselves, which are the much-needed virtues for all of us. Amiteshwar Palanivel of IBYR1, the Societal Leader – gave the vote of thanks. The audience left the assembly with much positive vibes, a lot of information on Dussehra and some great Garba steps!!!


Happy Dussehra from all of us at CPS Global Thirumazhisai!


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