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Usage of connective in day to day life @ CPSGS ANN

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Life isn’t segregated into subjects, so learning too need not be.

Learning is not limited to any boundary. Our students engaged in an interactive Guest Talk to familiarise the concept and usage of connectives.
We had Ms. Khushboo Kochar who is a young entrepreneur running a setup named MadBatter. She joined our kids and demonstrated the icing process on cupcakes which was curiously observed by our students. The guest used connectives in her conversation, while she was demonstrating step-by-step.
We were pleasantly surprised when most of our students asked specific questions to the guest on the baking and icing process. Following the session, they engaged in a discussion on the purpose of connectives in our conversations and written forms. We hope that learning through such experiences makes it more impactful and also interesting for the students.

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