Unveiling the Joy of Christmas @ CPS Global School Thirumazhisai

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Christmas is an idyllic season with a lot of joyfulness, and peace. To keep the virtual nerve effervescent and to turn the festive mode on, CPS Global School – Thirumazhisai fêted virtual Christmas celebration in a panache way.

The celebration started with hope and optimistic saying and continued with the significance of Christmas. To embark the joy of this season, Nikkhil Antonio and Nakshatara performed symphonic Christmas carols, at once, spreading the high spirit of joy and jubilance among the virtual audience. A sign of ebullient and excitement raised from the audience after witnessing the performance of ELP students’ and their way of celebrating Christmas.  This season of light and peace adorned every home virtually, when a video was screened of our students’ and teachers’ Christmas decoration. A visual collage of ‘New Year, New Me, New Resolution’ was projected in the virtual assembly to encourage the promise of the achievable resolution that CPS Global School family both teachers and students decided to follow in 2021.

Following the event, a report on NOVA VETA – the literary week, was read by Anjana which gave a vision about the various activities conducted throughout the literary week for CAIE 1- IBDP Year 2. An alacrity arose when the names of the winners were announced for NOVA VETA.

The spotlight moved and centered on Virtual Santa’s Game Show. It was a sweet astonishment to the students as they delightfully participated in the games. A musical gift by Santa added more flavor to the feeling of Christmas virtually filling the platform with colors and gifts, leaving behind the peace and joy. Celebration positively came to an end after our HOS Ma’am’s speech, extolling the students, parents and the teachers who have made the celebration a success one.

“Tis the season to be jolly,” the joy of Christmas embraced the hearts of CPS Global School Family.


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