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Touch – A window to the world

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‘Touch comes before sight, before speech,’ writes Margaret Atwood. It is a language that always tells the truth.

Using techniques like 3D virtual images and real objects a hands on learning of different textures was brought about for the children. An understanding made clear  of the fact that things around us can be felt and identified for their unique texture .

Children explored with excitement as they touched various objects to feel their textures and temperature! The pleasant shock of touching a frozen milk packet or an ice cube and the softness of the dog’s fur coat left the children excited to explore more.Feeling with their hands and training the brain to understand various sensations the skin can detect brought about a clear understanding of how we feel with our skin. Understanding of  how slimy objects slip through our fingers and prickly things poke the skin as tas they went about touching everything they could lay their hands on !

The significance of touch was clearly established  , and also the emotional  fact that a better world is often just a hug away!

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