Toleration and Liberty are the foundations of a Great Republic -Frank Lloyd Wright

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Patriotism is a feeling of love and devoutness to the country besides with the people
who share the same sentiment while taking pride in one’s origin and working for the
prosperity and peace of the country. Republic day celebrations often mean a
beautifully decorated campus in ribbons and balloons of the tricolour of the national
flag, students singing the National Anthem with pride and marching confidently to the
beats of the drum showcasing true spirit of leadership. But this year’s celebrations
will remain embedded in the minds for years together, though greater and grander
Republic Days will happen in the future, thanks to the immobility that the Covid-19
pandemic imposed upon us. The patriotism found a digital expression when the
tricolour fluttered proudly amid melodious strains of the mellifluous National Anthem
as the teachers and students of CPS Global School gathered virtually to celebrate
the country’s 72 nd Republic Day. The event started with the young emcees, Prayaan
of CAIE 1 and Liyaana of CAIE 2 welcoming the gathering followed by a riveting and
soulful rendition of Vande mataram by Shreya Anandathirtha of IGCSE Year2 whose
detailed delineation of raga with nuances at chosen places enhanced the melodic
impact to the patriotic song. Republic Day celebrations are not complete with a
tableaux procession and the virtual mode did not deter the enthusiasm of
Madhushree of CAIE 2 who presented a virtual tableaux display and educated the
audience about the history of our country’s strenuous sacrifices to transform from a
dominion state to a republic state. She spoke about the Parakram Diwas which
Government of India has declared to be celebrated on the occasion of the Birth
Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, 23 rd January. This was followed by the
short speeches of teachers who created a lasting impression with their poetic and
patriotic recitals depicting the rich history and culture of our country in different
languages. Be it the Aiye desho aiye maati song rendered by Ms, Poongodhai in
Oriya or the patriotic poem recital by Ms. Nirmala and Ms. Praveena in Tamil and
Hindi respectively, the teachers delivered a stellar oratory experience that not just
enthralled the audience but also instilled a patriotic fervour within them. Later, Ms.
Subhashini left the students realize and appreciate the importance of being a good citizenand urged them to feel proud and blessed about being born in a country thats not just independent but also a Republic. The ensuing events for the day containedthe art and craft exhibition by ELP and the CAIE 1 and 2 students showcasingthe rich heritage of our country followed by scintillating danceperformances by Dharsha of ELP 2 and Thaniya of CAIE 7. To keep the patriotice Fervourkindling, Nakshatra of CAIE 7 left the audience awe-struck and spellboundwith her brilliant crooning of a Tamil poem illustrating the significance of bravery and fearless attitude. At the end, our beloved Head of School addressed the gathering witha powerful message about National Voters day and the significance of growing up as citizens who are not just responsible and committed towards their families but also remain loyal to the country by performing their electoral rights diligently leading to choosing the rightful leaders. She further instilled the Republic Day zeal and enthusiasmby crooning an emotional rendition of the patriotic song, Ay Mere Watan ke Logo. The event came to a close with a swearing of the pledge led by HOS and repeated by the teachers and students. Undeniably, it is a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a worthwhile place for Indians to cherish and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.

Jai Hind!!!


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