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Tiny minds with mighty hands – ELP 2B @ CPSGS ANN

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There are few things that impact your productivity, creativity, happiness, and career trajectory like building solid routines and habits. Change is basically a variation in that common way of doing things and it is best received when happened in the context of a familiar routine.

  Any Change for a  4 year can be daunting but when subtly put the child hardly notices it and subliminally imbibes the teaching and learning.  On that note today’s activities were all sensorial.

Wasn’t dunking our hands and legs in sand a part of an everyday play back then? It is lucid that peril lurks the streets of the city and one must now venture far and wide to find a good heap of sand to play, in the city that is! We are now days’ blessed with substitutes such as plasticine that comes in attractive colours to provide the same effect as a sand play providing a sensory feel.

Another sensory activity that happened was children fine tuning their visual and auditory skills to listen and see what was around and illustrate that perception on easels.

 Their little minds pinpointed the honk of every vehicle which passed to an ant crawling on grass.

 Have a look at what they came up with!

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