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Festivals are a great time for everyone! Christmas being at the end of the year adds to the charm and mystery of the upcoming New Year. The heart is mesmerised as everything around looks magical and joy fills the air. The mood is celebration and all we want is to have fun.

Children at the CPGS ELP segment were not kept far away from these celebrations and were able to experience all the joys and happiness of Christmas from the safety of their homes. A month-long planning entailed the beautiful celebration that the kids were treated to!

Enthusiastic participation in singing carols and dancing in their fancy Christmas attires decorated to charm and woo everyone who witnessed. And what is a celebration without some peppy dance by the elves which had everyone in splits with their zesty dance moves.

A beautiful story of Nicholas Duck who goes on become Santa’s chosen one taught us how Christmas is more than just gifts! We need to be empathetic and compassionate to everyone and everything around us.

A talent show gave us an insight into the bright futures of the little ones as they displayed their talents of dance and performances which had us wondering how such little feet and hands could dance, draw or play the drums with nothing less than perfection!

And what is a Christmas celebration without gifts from Santa. The children were thrilled as Santa flew down on his sledge and surprised them with gifts.

A great culmination of the event were the book marks made by ELP 2 and cake that didn’t require   baking by ELP 3 to mark this festive celebration followed by songs and carols sung by the children as they danced and swayed and enjoyed the Christmas celebrations! HO – HO – HO!

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