There are never any goodbyes…It is always “till we meet again”.

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Today was undoubtedly a memorable event for the CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai
community, marking the end of a unique academic year. Memories were cherished, laughs
were shared and heartfelt tears were shed as students and teachers bid adieu to the 2021
IBDP and IGCSE cohorts, and ecstatically welcomed 2022 IBDP and IGCSE cohorts on their
journeys. The wonderful event was flooded with students and teachers emotionally sharing
their unforgettable experiences as a part of CPS Global School. No books, no satchels, no
pens, no whiteboards, but a canvas of beautiful memories!
The IGCSE Class of 2021 began sharing their treasured memories as a tight knit class,
battling through the uncertainties of the covid 19 pandemic. Similarly, IBDP Class of 2021
shared their fond memories of the long years spent at CPS Global School and were at an
awe for words as their high school journey had unbelievably come to an end. For a few, it
was really overwhelming as they have had been the first batch of students as well. The
amazing farewell was topped off with a moving, original song crafted by the students of
current IBDP Yr 2, celebrating the astounding achievements of their peers as they ascend to
a new, exciting chapter in their lives.
Through all the ups and downs, the lows and highs – the students of CPS Global School
have never failed to ameliorate any grim situation, always finding a way to put a smile on all
of our faces and see the hope amidst hopelessness. The pandemic set us all on nothing less
of a roller coaster – adapting to unconventional learning methods, distanced from fellow
classmates, and relying more on self-belief and discipline now than ever. Yet, the students,
undoubtedly, have pulled through with flying colours – making each one of us inevitably
proud of their hard work and determination during these trying times.

We wish IG2 and IB2 the best of luck in the bright future ahead, rejoicing in the fact that the
future leaders and inspiring role models of tomorrow were guided and nurtured at none other
than CPS GS! It is without a doubt that the students will achieve great heights in life,
exploring their own, diverse paths in order to make a difference in this ocean of a world.
The road not taken after all; may, perhaps, be just the road we were looking for.

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