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The wand in hand – ELP 2B @ CPSGS ANN

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Everyone knows that reading is the foundation of learning and education. But there are so many other wonderful things that reading brings to children: comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun.

Encouraging children to read has been a real challenge as long as there have been kids and books!

The basic logic behind magic is ‘making someone believe that the impossible is possible.’ 

And to prove that to our children we needed a magic wand! We point the wand at the word we want to read, and lo behold! The sight word becomes easy to spell and read! Now how did that happen? What magic did the wand do? Should we tell our children that magic is real and to believe that things get easier with a wand at hand? How can  that magically  happen?

All the wand did was to help you believe in yourself.

There is real magic and it is in the mind!

That’s what children of ELP 2 learnt.

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