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The science of taking A Break! – ELP 3A @ CPSGS ANN

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Why do we need a break every now and then? It is proven that pausing for a moment to relax and reboot is essential for achieving productivity, success and a positive outlook.

For students inside the classroom, a quick brain break works wonders. It is a short hiatus that is taken during regular intervals during classroom instruction. Brain breaks are usually limited to a maximum of five minutes and work best when they incorporate physical activities.   For example the brain break below was followed in class today after we finished a science topic.

The Pumpkin Workout…

P : 2 Push ups

U : 2 up and down squats

M : March in place for 10 seconds

P : Hold a plank for 5 seconds

K : Kick your legs for 10 seconds

I : invent your own exercise

N : Ninety seconds of running in place

Children return to their sessions feeling all refreshed and rejuvenated and making them take on the next session with energy and calm.

C’mon let’s give them a break !


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