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The power of tracing – ELP 1

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Pre-writing and fine motor skills are skills that children need to master before they are ready to write. It’s also known as Writing Readiness. Achieving mastery in these skills contribute to the child’s ability to hold a crayon and use a pencil, and the ability to draw, write, and colour.
The pre-writing skills are introduced starting with tracing of patterns which is basic stroke knowledge.
Our ELP 1 children learnt tracing of the first pattern – the Standing line.
The standing line was introduced to them through a variety of fun filled activities beginning with a simplest one, tracing on a salt tray where the children used their fingers to trace the pattern. This was followed by tracing the line on the senses board with a choice of colour of their own. To add on to this, the children were thrilled to create standing lines with rollers dipped in paint on a chart and sticking vertical strips of coloured paper in their drawing notebooks.
It was a mindful learning experience for the tiny tots!!


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