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Every new play idea helps in the cognitive development of a child and at our ELP segment we decided to bring to our kids the unique experience of camping as a play time activity. Indoors or outdoors, camping is an excellent method to spend time with peers and family, building a small cosy spot to play and snuggle!

Though camping outdoors is an excellent way to give the children a complete sensory experience of nature, our little learners made their special zones with things as simple as a couch, few chairs and a bed sheet in the comfort of their homes! The children built their own private dens to play, eat and sleep and hibernate to with their favourite toy or book.  Once the tent was ready the little ones decorated it with their favourite toys, cushions and fairy lights, giving wind to their imagination and voila transported us all to wonderland. They might as well be in a jungle with their toy animals or lying under the starry sky with the lights decorating their tents! Captain America, ET, Barbies and Pink Panthers all made their way into the little tents while the children had fun with their imagination! It is indeed great when children can learn while they play.

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