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The nightingale in the nest – ELP 2B

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Children learn in so many ways if we offer diverse experiences. They are more likely to not only hold on to the knowledge but also thirst for it. One of the bazillion ideas to teach letter is through letter craft.
Crafting helps fine motor skills and also completing a craft takes determination and some amount of focus and discipline. It helps hand eye coordination, build child’s self esteem and overall confidence.
We introduced letter ‘n’ focusing on craft. It was an awesome activity. In addition to being tons of fun letter crafts are simply adorable. Children compiled a nightingale’s nest in their craft book. The activity involved putting together a bird in its nest and also making the nest with coconut coir.
Simple art and crafts projects like such kindle the artist or the designer within bringing out a whole range of expressions. Who wouldn’t like a Edward Burne Jones in the making?
Do you still wonder why we should craft with kids?


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