The mantle of glory bequeathed – Investiture Ceremony @ CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai

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The pride of greatness is responsibility

– Winston Churchill

Investiture Ceremony, the solemn occasion of bestowing the mantle of leadership to
the Student Council members, selected through rigorous interview and election
process, was held with pride at CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai on 9 th September,
2021. To the entire CPS Global School fraternity, the occasion is not just about
providing titles, rather it is an event to confer responsibilities to students and
motivate them to help the school reach greater heights with their leadership and
teamwork. The historical event was presided over by honourable Chief Guest, Col.
Abhijit Paul Jacob AMC, Officiating Commandant, Military Hospital, Chennai. A
mellifluous prayer song rendered by the school choir followed by the welcome
speech by Mr. Sathyamoorthy, Associate IGCSE Co-ordinator ushered in the
glorious morning. The Chief Guest was introduced by Ms. Iswariyalakshmi, Team
Lead, ELP who vividly articulated his inspirational profile with great details of his
achievements earned while helming prestigious positions.
The event witnessed moment of pride when the flags of the four houses viz.,
Alphard, Canopus, Diadem and Plasma were unfurled on the virtual platform
followed by the passing on the baton of responsibilities by the 2020-2021 House
Mentors to their successors of 2021–2022. Head of CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai, Ms. Jayu Ganesh, in her investiture note, while whole-heartedly
congratulating the house mentors and the student council members, stressed the
importance of staying motivated and encouraged the student council to carry out the
duties with utmost dedication and passion.
The virtual event gave the parents and family members of the student council an
opportunity to adorn their wards with badges. Amiteshwar Panalivelrajan and Kiara
Daniel of IBDP Yr 2 were bestowed as the Head Boy and Head Girl respectively for
the academic year 2021-2022. Their junior counterparts sharing their responsibilities
were the junior Head Boy and Head Girl, Kangala Jaykanth Cyrus and Ayaana
Daniell of CAIE 6. All the House Prefects, Assistant House Prefects, Sports and
Wellness Captain, Assistant Sports and Wellness Captain, Literary Secretary,
Assistant Literary Secretary, Discipline Monitor, Tech Support Leader and Societal
Leader were invested with great pomp and glory by their family members. Ms, Rama
Mylavarapu, Head of School, CPS Global School, Anna Nagar, representing the
CPS Schools Group Management congratulated the newly inducted Student Council
and enthused them towards working for the glory of the school.

As the Chief Guest, Col. Abhijit Paul Jacob AMC administered the oath to the new
student council members, the enthusiasm of pledging service to the school was
visible on every council member’s face. Col Jacob’s pertinent speech impressed the
need for honing skills that each one is bestowed with; followed by observing due
diligence while executing the assigned duties of the student council for a brighter
tomorrow. The words of the Chief Guest stood akin to a famous quote “if your
actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you
are a leader.”
The Student Council heads delivered an inspiring response speech that kindled the
spirits of the student council members and encouraged them to take charge and fulfil
the responsibilities, however, strenuous it might be, with utmost sincerity and
dedication. The ceremony culminated with the Lower Secondary Team Lead, Ms.
Kanagavalli proposing the vote of thanks. The remarkable day concluded with the
singing of the National Anthem by the school choir.
The entire morning of glory was professionally conducted by the emcees of the day,
Shreya and Ashwin of IBDP Yr1. The feeling of gratification and accomplishment
reverberated in the atmosphere and will be etched in the minds of the audience for a
long time to come and forever in the history of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai.

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