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The language of nature – ELP @ CPSGS ANN

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Mother Nature is the best teacher and getting all dirty and dusty is good for A toddler’s mind and physical development.


We know that letting these tiny ones outside now is going to be a little difficult. But does that mean we deprive them of those benefits and fun? We had to do something about it!


Sensory play uses all the 5 senses but, skin being the largest sense organ of all is considered the most sensitive and overwhelming and any exploration through this is bound to have sensory satiety.


Making of a paint brush inspired from things nature’s given us was the sensorial activity done by our children of ELP 2. Little hands which are just developing their grips held bunched up leaves and flowers to twigs and brushed their imagination on paper.  The effect was different beautiful abstract arts for every one and the smasher was each kiddo made their own meaning out of it!! 


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