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‘The International Mother Language Day’ @ CPSGS ANN

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¨Languages connect us, break down the barriers when we unite to nurture the best in us and help each other succeed. ¨

– Widad Akreyi

CPSGS firmly believes that knowledge is a tree which has values, culture and ethics as a part of strong roots. Appreciating oneness among diversity have always been our source of  harmony and our students left no stones unturned to cherish such a beautiful feeling .On February 21 , children conducted a special assembly to observe ‘ The International Mother Language Day’ .The day was painted with colourful attire representing different states of our proud nation  .Children sang a special prayer song followed by a ‘Skit’ which emphasized the importance of  mother tongue  language  globally . A tribute to various languages was depicted in the form of rhythmic dialogues. The whole aura of the program reconnected our mind and soul to express joy and love towards our mother tongue language.

Let us cherish and spread awareness to appreciate the uniqueness of all languages!


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