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The Future of Creativity @ CPSGS ANN

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“The best way to predict future is to create it”

Future is created by what you do today and not tomorrow!

Creativity is spontaneous and the creation is the print in other’s hearts. Being creative is a gift and it speaks a lot about our thoughts.

Paper and pen become a tool and weapon when it comes to some artistic works. Go Creative! An online poster making competition held on 12th September 2020, has not stopped our kids from being creative. On the given topic “Futuristic India” the pillars of the Future have come up with some exciting posters sketching the topic perfectly. The ideas in their mind spoke about how personally and on above-board they would like to see the changes in our country.

The outcome of this colourful masterpiece paints the changes to be encountered in our Mother Nation. The exuberant colours speak about the abundant richness of our Future India.

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