The Art & Artistry – ELP3 @ CPS Global school, Thirumazhisai.

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Fine motor development is an important learning focus for emergent literacy. In the early years, children continually acquire, refine and consolidate their motor functions and skills. Well honed fine motor skills also play a vital role in effective writing. Lots of exciting fine motor activities are planned and conducted in our classes to strengthen fine muscles of our ELP children. They are always found to be engrossed in such activities. We find new ways to channel our children’s creativity. During ELP3 Art classes, they have been taught to draw and colour many different things like animals, natural sceneries,tulips, landforms, crackers, bow and arrow. Ancient tribal art like Warli art was also taught to the children. Our little cherubs add their own imagination in every artwork they do. Rain or shine, our craft works keep the little artisans busy throughout the class. Paper plate Minion craft, Fish paper folding, Jumbo dice making, vegetable printing, paper flower pot crafting – are some of the craft works done by our kiddos in ELP3. There is nothing more fun and satisfying than seeing the children display the Art/Craft work with much pride and happiness in their eyes.

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