Tarangini and Taal: The Rhythm of Life

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CPS Global School Thirumazhisai proudly hosted an exhilarating interschool Music and Dance
competition Tarangini and Taal as an endeavor to provide opportunity for students to showcase
their innate musical talents and to encourage them to forge ahead in their chosen areas of
Students across the grades from CAIE 1 to IBDP Year 2 avidly participated in the virtual
competition and exhibited their expertise in music and dance. All the video entries from students
were sent on time corresponding to the competition's guidelines set out by the school. The music
and the dance competitions were categorized as Group 1 – Sub-Junior, Group 2 – Junior and
Group 3 – Senior. The winners of various categories were selected by a panel of judges. The
extraordinary participation from students challenged the judges in choosing the best entries for
both Taal and Tarangini.
On the day of declaration of results, the virtual stage was set ablaze with students looking
forward for this most awaited moment with pounding hearts. The Guest of Honour Mr. Bruce
Lee, a well-established Guitarist announced the winners of the music competition Tarangini and
the judges of dance competition declared the results for Taal. Instant joy broke out on stage, as
the judges revealed the winners and it was a real feast watching the winners perform on the
virtual stage after the unveiling of the results. While speaking at the event, the Guest of Honour
Lee, congratulated the school for organizing such enthusing competitions even in this
challenging times and revealed that it has indeed brought out the students' passion for music and
The event concluded with exchange of mutual wishes and left the students more delightful. This
remarkable event by CPSGS rightly proved this quote, “Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Dance is the joy of
movement and the heart of life, it is the music made visible.”





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