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Superhumans of EY 2 @ CPSGS ANN

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Super hero play is an all-time favourite with children. Apart from the fact that children like to enact their favourite super heroes, it is also an opportunity for kids to differentiate qualities in a superhuman. It is not just about how strong and tough they are as superheroes also automatically inculcate attributes such as kindness, helpfulness and courage.

To encourage such a fun and learning play activity an impromptu scavenger hunt was conducted in the class at EY 2 where the children were asked to collect 5 things and dress up as a superhero! The eager to play superhero kids quickly rummaged up a superhero outfit using scarves, bed sheets, sun glasses, masks, bands, gloves and what ever they could lay their hands on! Soon enough we had a classful of Good Samaritans willing to do good deeds! Watching the children perform their own version of superheroes was an insight into their creative minds. It was a treat to watch children come up with creative costumes like flying Capes, sonic eye glasses and watches, magic bubble rods, magic rings and toy guns as their shields! While some wanted to help other children do their homework! some wanted to save the world from evil. Creativity knew no bounds and we had a whole bunch of superheroes ready to go out into the world.

We think the world needs them! And you?


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