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Stepping into Architecture – By V.S . Vigneswar @ CPSGS ANN

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Creativity, innovation, and research are tools that allow students to set sail on the path of self-actualization. Success is a shapeshifter, taking forms in a hundred different guises. But the most successful students have the capacity for questioning the world and seeking answers to questions nobody would ask. Today, Mr. V.S Vingeswar spent an hour teaching us how to realize our creative potential as an architect. He demonstrated his knack for being an incredible speaker through personalized titbits like personifying popular design and architectural tools through drawing, showing him as an undergraduate in architecture at CEPT and going in detail as to how we, as students, can become an architect.

Sessions like today inspire students and bring forth ideas, allowing them to become change-makers. By introducing students to the multifaceted areas of architecture such as green architecture, software architecture and so much more, we left the session full of answered questions and much to think about. The Gleanings series allows the students to speak with industry specialists, like Mr. Vingeswar and think about where they are, as an individual, fit into the ever-so-changing world. Something as simple as architecture has an impact on climate. We understood this by learning how architects measure costs, plan layouts, work with sites and interact with other people to develop both soft and hard skills.

At the end of the day, it is experts like these today who will make our students as  experts in various fields tomorrow.



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