Anna Nagar

Spilling the Sugar About Bake Sales

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving” – Henry and Hank Rosso 

At CPS Global School, we believe in giving back to our community. The class of IGYR 1 had meticulously put together a fantabulous bake sale, in efforts to raise money for Siragu Montessori School, where the students regularly volunteer. The bake sale products were absolutely scrumptious, multiple customers claiming that the food was “so good!” 

There was an array of multicuisine dishes, ranging from the famous South Indian snack, vadai, to fluffy eggless cakes of varying flavors. The most popular sweet treat was the sugary innovation of chocolate syrup-covered Oreo balls. Parents and children alike were absolutely delighted by the sweet taste of crushed Oreo cookies. The chocolate and vanilla cakes were amazing as well, students returning to buy more and more. The bake sale was extremely successful with the desserts selling out quickly. Overall, fundraising was truly a wonderful experience; food always make everything better!

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