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Some serious blending – ELP 2B

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Task-based learning are pedagogical approaches where children know the outcome they are expected to produce when they finish performing a given task.

The primary focus of classroom activity is the task, and language is the instrument which the students use to complete it. The task is an activity in which students use language to achieve a specific outcome. Playing a game, solving a problem or sharing information or experiences, can all be considered as relevant and authentic tasks.  Two important skills that early readers must develop are the ability to blend and segment words.

At ELP 2 blending plays a big role. Specific activities facilitate this process to make it easy and simple for a child! Arranging and assembling letters to form simple 3 letter words is the first step to use the 2 letter vowel blends they’ve been learning.

Many don’t get it right at the first shot but what matters is that they make mistakes, they learn from them and that’s what  stays !


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