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Solar energy and sustainable development @ CPSGS ANN

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To avoid a possible relocation to another planet, we need to employ our resources efficiently as we innovate and apply sustainable methods. There is a fine line between simply holding knowledge and knowing how to use it. We have seen tiny pebbles creating several ripples in the ocean. On 29th August 2020, we learnt how to throw that pebble in the virtual seminar conducted by Mr. Mohammed Aaqib Quarashi, Mr. Praveen Sridhran, and Mr. Santoshi Shetty of Greenrun Tech Ltd.

Our guests gave us an insightful session, bringing the current global warming situation to light along with their solar energy projects. They highlighted it to be an ideal solution as solar panels can replace several units of electricity with less energy-consumption while remaining efficient. Its reliability coupled with its advantages of being cost-efficient, enduring, manageable, and noise-less punctuates its reasons for adopting it into our quotidian life. Its low carbon emissions crown these panels to be the most sustainable method to battle climate change without compressing our current systems with drastic changes.

Diving a level deeper, the students also learnt about the classification and components of a solar panel along with their functions. The speakers also elucidated about the technical, social, and financial barriers faced in the implementation of solar energy.  They also debunked myths of solar energy such as its expense, danger, unreliability, and complexity. Students were surprised to learn that solar panels cost the same price as an i Phone 11, but skyrockets beyond the reach of a phone’s capabilities with its environmental benefits and durability.

The insightful session created several lenses through which the entire situation could be viewed from- Apart from science, the students also got an insight into how the business managed its operations in the current circumstances of the pandemic. The speakers coruscated the applications of the break-even theory, mutual inter-firm support, and marketing strategies, widening the angle at which the topic was explored.

The students also got an opportunity to pose questions to the lecturers, learning more about India’s potential to have a green economy and how solar energy trumps over other renewable sources of energy such as wind turbines. The seminar not only broadened our knowledge on healing the wounds we have ungratefully inflicted on the earth but inspired us by the efforts taken to not characterize the world by Truman Capote’s description of life- ‘a moderately good play with a badly written third act’.




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