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Smiles and frowns – ELP 2B

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I feel happy, I am angry, I want to cry …. A myriad of emotions in us, and multitudes of ways to express them.
“I want to spread my wings and fly”
is an ecstatic expression , which I am sure everyone would endlessly want to feel in them or the blissfulness which one attains after a rejuvenating mediating session.
Expressions differ all the time; some depends on an external stimulus and some within us. Learning to convey how you feel at that point is an important self analyzation. And children are very good at it because they are just being themselves, uninfluenced and flawless in their expressions.
Children at 2B spilled out their sentiments when they were presented with an “emotion wheel”. They took chances in spinning the wheel and acting out their moods accordingly .They were also given various hypothetical situations and asked how they would respond to them: Say, if they got a new toy from daddy how would they feel?
Though the activity brought out the frowns and tears in them it was an endorphin releasing pursuit to happiness!


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