Small steps to achieving World Peace

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Celebrated annually on September 21st, the International Day of Peace is dedicated
to commemorating the ideals of peace and working towards ceasefire in areas of war
and violence.

To observe this UN-sanctioned holiday, the humanities department of CPS Global
School Thirumazhisai, along with the IBDP students prepared a formal inter-house
debate with the motion, “The house believes that security censorship of internet and
media platforms is necessary for peace and stability”. Students of IGCSE and IBDP
Yr 1 fervently supported their prescribed sides, having extensively prepared and
researched on the topic. In just a short span of time, the students raised excellent
points and gave us an informative, fast-paced and most importantly a fruitful debate.
At the end, HOS Ma’am concluded the debate, taking into consideration not only her
opinions, but also others’ arguments, achieving peace through understanding.

Contrary to the rapid debate, logo-designing was far more relaxed and entries from
each house were to be sent today. Students had to tap into their creative sides,
thinking of minimalistic but meaningful ways to represent the values of the day.

All in all, the International Day of Peace activities were enlightening to witness and
take part in. We hope everyone had just as much of a thought-provoking day as we

Aadila Zakir Hussain and Aditya Mukherjee of IBDP Yr 1

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