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Sing Along to celebrate music – ELP @ CPSGS ANN

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Life is a song, sing it! Calling all dancing, singing, music-loving people!

It is the ELP Sing Along our own musical fiesta! Where songs from all over the world echoes in the halls of CPSGS sung by none other than our little performing artists- the children of the segment!

 At CPS Global we give unequivocal precedence to all forms of art. Music holds a vital place in everyone’s heart, and has been a binding force between cultures.

The fun actually started when children started trickling down the premises in their colourful attires and accessories matching the song they were going to perform.

The event got off to a reverberating start where children sang a bouquet of songs from different languages. It was a full house and the little performers had the audience mesmerized and swaying. The tempo and rhythm were just addictive and the parents joined in singing along and playing instruments, creating a musical rhapsody.

The sheer variety of songs ranging from prayer to folk, cinematic to Celtic transformed the mood in the room from tranquil to peppy in no time and the audience went home with heart full of memories.

A Saturday etched in time !

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