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The cosmic expedition

The space is dark, void, starry and infinite!

Is space a home for aliens? How would we find out unless we had a trip to outer space?

There’s a lot of talk in the green scene about how there’s only one Earth and we need to take care of it, and this couldn’t be more true. But it’s captivating to look beyond our own small blue planet and survey the rest of the solar system to gain further appreciation for our natural resources. Involving our children in exploring space through drama has pushed them to learn more about how special our planet could be and know how the quiet cosmos can be loud and phenomenal!

The SDP “Earth calling space”    involved all the children of the ELP 3 segment.

This unique show is about, how our children explored space from their perspective and prospective.  Not only did the show project scientific facts and probably a bit of fiction (we are talking about the welcoming alien!) but also had kids increase their erudition and inspire their sense of wonder about our unfathomable macrocosm.

Knowing why our planet is special and how it can be protected with its uniqueness which is so blaringly evident, we tend to take this third rock from the sun for granted!

So basically the kids wanted to let us know

Someone is watching us and we should act fast before we are invaded!

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