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Children need to be taught the value of community living and the social system to inculcate respect for society and its people. To build a healthy society, it is imperative that kids know how important community helpers are. There are many who function with a uniform and many without.

At CPS Global School and in our Lower Primary and Early Years segment we took a step beyond the classroom to expose our children to the citizens who take on different roles in the community. Children  virtually met our special guest for the day, Dr Sathish Kumar, a well-renowned Paediatrician, and an interactive session with Major Amritharaj from the Indian Armed Forces. They also had an opportunity to meet the staff in Shenz Hospital from security guards to pharmacists to the doctors and nurses who work together with cooperation and understanding to run the one organisation they work for successfully.

A healthy community starts with a safe and secure nation and the   strong values and principles that people at the frontline bear was well delivered by our Major.

“a salute to you all” – Children said!


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