Save Mother Nature, a Virtual Initiative!

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”                     – Mahatma Gandhi

World Nature Conservation Day was observed at CPSGS Thirumazhisai on 28th July 2020 to voice out the significance of nature and the need to care for it. It is mandatory to broaden the knowledge of saving the natural resources to create healthy surroundings and to save our mother nature for the current and for the future generations.

The day set out to be a day of awareness, alerting the students to comprehend the serious threats that nature deals with, like cutting down of trees, greenhouse gasses, pollution, usage of plastics, and practice of chemicals. The celebration’s motive was to campaign the duty of the humankind to save Earth from all the threats which are imposed on them.

CAIE 1-8, our Primary and Lower Secondary learners, actively partook in different activities planned for Save Mother Nature campaign like Happy and Sad Earth – Drawing, Flash Card making and Kite Making to create awareness about nature conservation.  Activities also included: Slogan Writing- Life cycle of a Plastic Bag (CAIE 6),Window Gardening-Demonstration by CAIE 7 and Poster Preparation- Earth by 2090 by CAIE 8. Their response to this virtual initiative was an excellent declaration of their love for Mother Nature.





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