“Safety Ever, Fires Never”

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 NO ONE is immune to fire accident and preparation is the most important key to survival. To educate the learners of CPS Global Thirumazhisai, and to aid them value the focus on fire prevention and significance of survival was an imperative mission. To carry the mission forward, School Fire Safety Training was organised. Students from Grades CAIE 1 –CAIE 8 participated in this training session and acquired wakefulness of practising general fire safety, and how escape plans are crucial and fundamental to help out in preventing fires and fire fatalities. They have also been equipped with the knowledge of Fire Safety such as how to make Emergency calls – 101,112 to get immediate fire service help, and the Operation of Fire Extinguisher using P.A.S.S / R.A.C.E Methods. 

It is so important to edify the children that “safety is everybody’s job.” The furniture in classrooms and flammable liquids in labs are chiefly at risk. A spark of fire in such places can go out of control and thus, fire safety in schools has become extremely an important issue. With our learners’ active and attentive participation we believe that they are trained to be safe and to be alert as they have learnt safety is first


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