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Rotation of earth on its axis @ CPSGS ANN

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A day without sunshine is like a night; the night is just a part of the day.

 “Dark nights, bright days!” to understand this children of CAIE 1 were involved in hands on activity. They were given a globe and a torch. Children shined the light on the globe to observe that the part of the globe facing the torch gets light, which is the day; the other part doesn’t receive any light is the night. This activity helped our children to understand that the side of the Earth facing the Sun is bathed in light and heat (daytime). The side of the Earth facing away from the Sun is darker and colder (nighttime).

By keeping the torch stable, they rotated the globe to notice the change in the day and night. This simple activity helped our learners to understand that only earth moves around the sun, and it takes 24 hours to spin all the way around.


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