Research is to see what everyone else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought -Albert Szent-Györgyi

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The path to a successful career begins earlier in the life of a student and the plunge to traverse
that path should rightfully begin at school. Psychologists across the world have recently
identified aptitude and interest for research as the key players in any successful career
development. In lieu of the present scenario and to kindle the research temperament amongst
the IGCSE,  IBDP students, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai organised the Lumiere
Research Scholar Orientation program on 26 th June, 2021 in a bid to expand their frontiers of
knowledge, Lumiere Research Scholar program has a stupendous track record of serving as a
springboard into the world of research allowing students to immerse themselves deep within
subjects they are passionate about by encouraging them to work above and beyond their

The legitimate concern that pervades into the minds of the students who are in the
final lap of school education is to find ways to stand out in their University/ College applications
so as to garner the attention from the admissions team. The best way to do this is to prove that
the student is already a leader in their chosen field and the question now becomes, how the
students prove this, beyound their test scores and grades, Lumeiere Research Scholar program
offer a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in research and pursue the
possibility of having their findings published

The research-mentors of the program train students
to become researchers alongside foster networking and collaboration with fellow researchers
that bring down their barriers in making valuable and recognised contributions to the scientific
community. With their one-on-one sessions involving the student and the research scholar, the
usual hitches of a naïve researcher in framing the Research Question (RQ) and adapting the
appropriate methodology to conduct the research are weeded out thereby enabling the student
to come up with a highly focused research that yields in unraveling the right solutions for the
problem in the form of RQ at hand.

Soon after the introductory session by Mr. Dhruva Bhat,
Director of Lumiere Research Scholar program, Deborah Henry and Amiteshwar Palanivelrajan
of IBDP Year 2 shared their rewarding experiences of the program to which they were
associated in the last academic year in an interactive way with Mr. Dhruva Bhatt.

Deborah and
Aniteshwar were excited about their ensuing publications they wish to churn out as the program
recommends and supports students to publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals. The
emcee for the session, Ananya Karn of IBDP 1 exclaimed that the invigorating session by Mr.
Dhruva Bhat followed by the testimonials by Deborah and Amiteshwar has further instilled the curiosity and courage to venture out into the exciting world of research.

The orientation program came to a close with a speech by Ms. Jayu Ganesh, Head, CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai who further stressed that the burgeoning spirit to achieve and accomplish should
be further kindled and kept alive by participating in programs like Lumiere Research Scholar

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