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Repel the nescience – ELP 3A @ CPSGS ANN

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Why are some things magnetic while others are not? The answer to this is: magnetism occurs because of the motions of electrons inside an atom. Well, don’t we often forget how such intriguing scientific topics gravitate us towards knowing the why’s and the how’s and in that pursuit we often forget that we are dealing with just kindergartners!

But kids are astute observers. They automatically observe, think, and do. In naturally seeking real answers to their real questions kids progress further into the learning process. As a result, they begin to develop science skills such as observing, classifying, reasoning, and predicting.

When children are in a sense of “doing science” rather than just sitting and listening to someone lecture them, the process of “inquiry based “learning happens. This is the platform where the why‘s and how’s boggle their analytical thinking and get the little minds to deliberate.

So here at CPSGS ANN we promote learning by inspiring, feeding and directing, their curiosity and questions.

Because questioning is an art that makes them stand tall!

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