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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- a Responsibility – ELP 2A @ CPSGS ANN

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In today’s world, waste is a huge global problem that is affecting every part of our environment, from our waterways to our atmosphere, our grassy fields to our forests, our planets to our people. Hence it is absolutely necessary to imbibe in our children the concept of reuse, reduce and recycle of waste. These three are great ways you can eliminate waste and protect your environment!

What exactly is waste? It is anything we throw away or get rid of, that doesn’t get used. Recycling sorting activity was conducted in Elp2A to classify recyclable objects. Various waste objects such as plastic, organic waste and papers was scattered on the table in front of the three recycling bins: red for plastic, blue for paper and green for organic. Children sorted the waste products into appropriate bins. This life skill activity is paramount to avoid spread of diseases. Through such activities, children will be prepared to be a responsible and mindful member of community. This will also make our world a safer and healthy place to live.

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