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Pyjama party @ CPSGS ANN

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Hip hip hurray! It’s Pyjama Party 

P is for Popcorn and Pyjamas and 

Perfect way to enjoy a Saturday!

What an amazing amalgamation of colorful pyjamas, mushy pillows, soft toys and fun, during the ‘Pyjama Party’ at our EY segment. Our children came dressed in their snazziest night dresses, holding on tight to their favorite soft toys and ever eager to participate in all the activities with bursting enthusiasm.

They all came geared for a ‘Slumber Party ‘in the morning !!The usual lazy Saturday a.m was transformed into a haven of moon and star. Children swayed to tunes, tucked their comfy blankets and watch a short cartoon film with their tub of popcorn and drink.It wasn’t just fun u know ,high priority topics like Bed time routines also became a point of discussion!

Err.. Did we say a lazy Saturday morning? Apologies, We stand corrected!

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