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Preserve the child in you – ELP 2

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Do you miss being the little kid who could play, jump, and sing out loud? Well if you had been at the CPS Global ELP block today you would’ve become nostalgic of your school days.  Oodles of fun, roars of laughter and so many remembrances to carry along, children’s day was celebrated at its best here. The entire block bore a gala look making every child who entered school wonder in amazement if it was their old school or a carnival that they had stepped into!

Their teachers had them baffled and bewildered with a magic show, a simple yet profound story and of course no event can be complete without swaying to favourite tunes. Children then enjoyed delicious potluck with their friends in class and went home carrying personalized memoirs.

Your tot would definitely have a lot to say to you about what happened in school and having heard that we are sure you would want to relive every bit of your childhood again.

Well!  There is no stopping you, the day is still young!




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