Pongal,a Traditional Jollification!

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CPSGS Thirumazhisai celebrated Pongal a well-known South Indian harvest festival. Beyond celebration, it was an appreciation of what we have been grateful for and a stepping stone into future prosperity. True festive jol came to existence when the whole school spotted ELP kids gracefully attired in ethnic wears. The tiny tots were joyously welcomed into their classes with pongal songs and greetings. Their enthusiasm in joyfully fixing Pongal special hand-made jigsaw puzzle left the spectators go wide-eyed. The way they coloured, rolled, glued and made sugarcane miniatures using colour papers was stupefying. With a big smile, our ELP toddlers carried home the memorable sugarcanes they made.

To recommence the warmth and excitement of this festival, the students of IB 1, were tasked to take charge of the special assembly for Pongal and it was indubitably a success. The assembly, along with the heaps of activities made this day one of the more memorable ones in the history of CPSGS.

The assembly began with detailing the activities and rituals that take place during the three-day long Pongal celebrations in Tamil including the Jallikattu, the significance of the Pongal and the importance of each day with translation so the non-native Tamilians were not left behind. After this, a Thirukkural was recited on the importance of farmers, impressing the audience. To light up the Pongal festive spirit in the throng, an interactive quiz was organised.

Students from ELP-IBYR2 were ushered out into the front garden area for the Pongal ceremony and each one was handed a delightful plate of Pongal, in true celebratory fashion. But the true festivities began when the activities were set in place and ready to go. Everything from filling the bottle to pottery making to painting the pot, making coconut leaves thoran to Kabaddi to breaking the Pongal pot – which IB 2 dominated with Tejas and Minjin both shattering the pots blindfolded skillfully. The festivities were made even more colorful with the beautiful South-Indian attires everyone were sporting. Our tiny tots looked like grown boys and girls with their Dhotis and Pattu Pavadais (Silk skirts).
The day came to a close but not before there had been enough photos taken of all of our dolled up students. CPSGS family enjoyed every glimpse of pongal celebrations with the liveliness of traditional Pongal.


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