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Playing with Place Values – ELP 3A

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1, 2, 3… What happens after 9?
With simple counting a child might not be able to understand the inherent structure of our number system, how it is built with the groups of hundreds, tens and ones. Learning Place value is really essential as it helps you understand the position of a number. Having 9 dollars or 99 dollars in your piggy bank, one would need to know which is of a larger value and why.
Place value is an extremely important concept that is taught as early as ELP. As students learn about larger numbers, the concept of place value continues throughout the middle grades.
Our young math wizards of ELP 3A seemed to have acquired the concept quite well. They enjoyed identifying and counting the number of Tens and Units in each number with the help of customized flash cards and also learnt there is more to just sequencing them!


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