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Pi Approximation day @ CPSGS ANN

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“The study of Mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.”

Mathematics is crucial to our daily lives and to commemorate this fact, the Mathematics department arranged a special Pi approximation day program on the 22nd of July, representing the approximate value of π with the fraction, 22/7. Students from CAIE 6 to A-Level participated in giving us an enjoyable yet informative session about pi and also the “World of Mathematics” around us. Students presented a large range of applications of Mathematics ranging from the use of triangles to functions which were expanded upon by the different year groups such as with the A-Levels focusing on trigonometric curves and their presence in nature and man-made structures alike.

Furthermore, there were entertaining and engaging math tricks for the audience which livened up the already sprightful session along with the numerous videos created by students sprinkled throughout the session helped cement our understanding of the fascinating topics shared with us.

The program wrapped up with an overview of the importance of Mathematics in the real world, allowing us to reflect on the wonder of Mathematics.

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