Photography, an Art of Existence!

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Photography is an aesthetic form of life; it brings alive the past, freezes the present and sustains the future. Every moment captured can flash and animate the tale of such frozen memories beyond which any language can articulate. Being accustomed to having some sort of camera gadgets handy, evolution of cameras and photography is rarely known or not known at all. Understanding the history of photography from black and white to sepia and to contemporary vibrant pictures is vital as it testifies the evolution of photography itself. To instil the artistic value of life and to comprehend the importance of photography, CPS Global School Thirumazhisai celebrated World Photography Day conducting virtual workshops.

The drive behind conducting these workshops was to communicate the history of camera work and to cherish the art of life, without which history would have become a dimly remembered account. To narrate the inventive story of the camera, we had workshops planned throughout all the classes from Primary to IBDP. And as planned, the workshop on World Photography Day was virtually carried out focusing on the basic functionalities, evolution, development of cameras and printing techniques used over the history of photography.

The workshop for Primary learners centred more about the lighting techniques to take proper photographs using mobile phones and a creative session on how to take interesting photographs with their toys. Students’ enthusiasm was overwhelmingly seen when they showed up to the virtual workshop with their cameras. The Lower Secondary, IGCSE and IBDP learners learnt more about the technicalities related to cameras, developing and printing of photos over the past two centuries, and composition techniques involved in taking better photographs. They were trained concerning the camera set up with proper lighting for their online classes, to effectively enhance their use of webcam and the influence of lighting and moods that it conveys. Profoundly kindling the interest of the learners, the photographic history was thus communicated. The virtual session came to a close announcing a photo contest for the students and in two different categories, Toy Photography for the Primary and Self Portrait inspired by Vivian Maier for the Lower Secondary, IGCSE and IBDP learners and this photography contest was declared to be open for teachers too. After having such stimulating workshops and once knowing the deepest sense of photographic art, our learners and teachers are all set to take part and paint life in the Photography Contest which will soon be showcased!


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