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“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

     Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling

It is to this quote, the entire CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai family had a memorable weeklong celebration -NOVA VETA 2021- FANTASIA as a tribute to the living legend, J K Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter series. The fest kick started with the senior most and junior most grades (IBDP Yr 1& 2 and CAIE 1 and 2) playing it to the galleries. The little fashionistas of CAIE1 and CAIE 2 sashaying the virtual ramp in their favourite fantasy attire. It was astounding to see our little ones walking with confidence and portraying themselves. It was captivating to watch this show, Fashion Fantasy with Princes Moana, Elsa to Batman or Deadpool!

Similar captivating characters were put on a capsizing ship where they had to impress the Captains (AKA judges) to give them the spare life jacket to shipwreck akin event, Save Your Souls. It was simply entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! The appeal to the ethos and pathos of the judges through the wittiest logic from being rich to saving vibranium to getting within the range of Ironman’s suit was a treat to the ears and eyes complete with their innovative attire and background.

Story telling is an art which helps children to foray into an imaginative world without boundaries. The Fantasy Fablers from CAIE 3 exemplified this by taking the audience to the magical world and enthralling with their story telling skills. They amazed the audience with their props and voice modulation.

Creativity at its best with CAIE 4 and CAIE 5 weaving their thoughts to build a fantasy story, however with a difference. Here, the Story telling formula of starting the story, adding descriptive words and keep the action going by leaving a cliff hanger for the next person to continue was wisely executed. This formula was used until they were ready to end their story. It was mesmerizing to watch the students interactive, considerate and respectful of their peers’ thoughts and leading the story to a complete circle with their on-spot improvisations while remaining creative. Hail the Story Weavers!

The virtual platform also succoured to unbridle the hidden talents of the young minds of CAIE 6. This amazing group expressed their talents by creating a thematic virtual background poster in the TECH DUDES competition. Indeed, who would say that these were the works of 11-year-olds! The posters were exquisitely beautiful, picturesque and unique which were appreciated and honoured by each teacher projecting those as their virtual background for the day.

Next in line was Tasty Temptations- a colour-filled diet(!) competition’, a full being experience was witnessed when our CAIE 7 students – the soulful magicians engaged and inspired others through their homemade fireless recipes. This virtual version of cooking allured us as they turned simple ingredients into eclectic dishes.

The erudite and articulate students of CAIE 8 participated in Talk Rocks, an impromptu speech competition, based on the theme of the fest, Fantasia. The students showcased their language skills on topics ranging from superheroes to fairyland. It was indeed a great learning experience for the students as they learned to express their views spontaneously and boldly. They were judged on their content knowledge, confidence, audience control and language mastery.

IGYR1&2 students engaged in an exclusively fascinating event “i Paint Faces.” The students enthusiastically participated in the activity unleashing their hidden artistic and creative potential. The face painting event began with our young artists painting characters of their choice from replicating Avatar to the Joker or a cyborg or Nebula. Participants metamorphosed into beautiful imaginary beings. It was a real treat to all who witnessed it!

The assembly was the culmination to this engrossing week. Right from the displaying of the videos of the ramp walk to a special quiz curated with Harry Potter series and fairytales kindled the literary enthusiasm in the students. The best compliment was from the students who declared that “this is the greatest day of my life!” Hyperbolic but expressed the euphoria amongst the students and teachers alike who demanded a competition in the next Nova Veta Fest! Watch out for this space till then!!!


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